Posted by Asha Taraiya

Ever doubted whether the diamond you just bought is real or fake? With these 5 simple do-it-yourself tests you can easily identify whether your diamond is real or fake.

The Setting & Mount Test

If your diamond is a real one, it would never be mounted on a cheap metal. The three most common metals used for diamond jewellery are gold, platinum and silver. Check for stamps inside the setting which indicate the metal used for your jewellery (eg: 14 kt, 18 kt, PT, etc.). However, if your jewellery carries a C.Z. mark, it is a fake. C.Z. stands for Cubic Zirconia, which is a synthetic diamond.

The Fog Test


For this test, you need to clean your diamond first and make sure that it is free from oil and dirt. Now hold your diamond in front of your mouth and fog it like you would a mirror. If the diamond stays fogged for more than 2-4 seconds, it is a fake. Real diamonds disperse heat very fast, faster than 2 seconds.

The Inclusion Test

Since diamonds are formed under tremendous pressure, it is rare to find a diamond without impurities (or inclusions) and flaws (or blemishes). These inclusions are absent in fake diamonds. For more details, read Know the 4Cs of Diamond.

For the inclusion test, you would need to see your jewellery through a powerful magnifying glass or a jeweller’s loupe. If there are no impurities or blemishes inside your diamond, chances are it is a fake.

The Newspaper Test

You can only do this test if your diamond is unmounted. Keep your diamond upside down (pointed side up) on a newspaper. If you can read or see the print through the stone, it is a fake. Real diamonds bend and scatter light so you would not be able to see through them.

The Float Test

This test is also for unmounted diamonds. Diamonds are denser than water. So if you drop a real diamond in a glass of water, it will sink. A fake diamond will float.

These are 5 simple ways by which you can test your diamond. However, to be doubly sure take your diamond to a certified gemmologist for testing.

And last but not the least, to stay away from fakes, buy only certified diamonds from a genuine and reliable seller.

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