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In Know the 4Cs of Diamond we got to know about the 4 important features of diamond which affect its cost, namely Cut, Color, Carat and Clarity. Another feature which is often confused with Cut is diamond Shape. While Cut is more to do with Proportions, Symmetry and Polish of a diamond, Shape refers to the outline.

Fig: Anatomy of a Diamond

There are many interesting diamond shapes. The most popular ones are:


The most popular diamond shape is Round. Several years of research has gone into optimizing the round diamond’s fire and brilliance. Round diamonds also give you more flexibility in terms of balancing cut, color, and clarity grades while still getting the fire and brilliance you want.

Virtually all round diamonds are brilliant-cut, meaning they have 58 facets (57 when there is no culet). [A facet is a flat polished surface on any side of a diamond.]

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Named after its creator, Joseph Asscher, it is a square-shaped diamond and resembles the Emerald-shaped diamond closely.


Designed to highlight the qualities of emeralds, the Emerald diamond gives a mirror-like look due to its octagonal shape. Due to its larger, open table, this shape highlights the clarity of a diamond. The Emerald-shaped diamond’s smoothly bevelled corners provide a secure setting area for the prongs.


As the name suggests, this diamond is oval in shape. The oval can be narrow or wide. The narrower the oval diamond, the more your fingers look longer and slimmer.


Name after Marquise de Pompadour, mistress of Louis XV of France, the Marquise diamond looks like a tapered Oval diamond. Due to its shape, the diamond appears bigger than its actual size. Symmetry is of paramount importance in this shape.

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A mix of Round and Marquise diamond, the Pear diamond is shaped like a teardrop. It is round at one end and tapered at the other end. When worn (as part of a ring) with the tapered end pointing out, it has a slimming effect on the finger.


A rectangular diamond with trimmed corners is the Radiant diamond. It looks good as a centre- stone surrounded by smaller diamonds.


A square diamond with pointed corners, the Princess diamond is the most popular choice for Engagement Rings after the Round diamond.

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As the name suggests, this diamond is heart-shaped and symbolizes love. It is commonly used in Pendants. Symmetry and balance are crucial for this diamond shape.

Apart from these 9 shapes, there are 2 other diamond shapes that are quite popular. These are the Baguette and Cushion.


Named for the French word baguette, which means “long rod, Baguettes are rectangular step cut diamonds with only two rows of facets and unbevelled corners. They are generally used as smaller side stones.

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A square shaped diamond with rounded corners (like a cushion), this shape was very popular till the early 20th century. It is also referred to as the old mine cut.

So these were the most preferred diamond shapes. Our favourite is the brilliant cut round diamond. Tell us yours in the comment section below.